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Beltane Fire Society

I am an active member (and a forever loving enthusiast) of Beltane Fire Society.
BFS is a charity, organising two major annual events in Edinburgh: Beltane and Samhuin Festivals

Here's some photos of me during the previous festivals:

(Photo credits: Neil Barton, Bleu Hope, Vince Graham, James Armandary, Dan Mosley, Martin McCarthy, Paul Cunningham, Scott A. Winchester and Pascal van der Meiden for the Beltane Fire Society.)

Samhuinn 2018 - Children of Seth

Samhuinn 2017 - Winter Drummers

Beltane 2017 - Water Point

Samhuinn 2016 - Reds

Beltane 2016 - Water Point




Board games

I am a big enthusiast of board and card games. My favourite titles include (but are not limited to): Eldritch Horror, Blue Moon Legends and Discworld.

I am also working with my friend Andrew on designing our own game. The tentative title is Tilis: Exploration.

You can find more information on the game's website:





I enjoy some very amateurish and purely recreational photography, particularly on 35mm film, using my vintage Yashica FX-3 camera.
Here's some of my favourite shots: